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What Food Gave Knights The Strength To Wear All That Armor?

It’s been more than 500 years; but knights are still one of the most revered types of hero in the world. Strong men in heavy armor fighting for what’s right is a trope that anyone can get behind and emulate. To consistently wear heavy armor, what did knights eat? You’ll find the answer in this post.

Knights Did Not Eat Meat As much As You Would Think

You would think that knights ate meat at every opportunity. After all, more protein means more strength to carry heavy weights, right? Sort of. Knights were limited to eating meat at three meals per week. Even in medieval times it was known that too much meat wasn’t good for the heart. Less meat was also meant to teach restraint among knights. Throughout the rest of the week meals were breads, vegetable, and broths.

Lent Was Followed Year Round, Other Religious Holidays Played A Role

Most knights were deeply religious, going to war for their beliefs on a regular basis. In respect to Jesus Christ most knights observed lent every Friday. That involved one meal at most, usually some type of fish. Knights would fast often.

How The Diet Affected Knights

Being a knight and handling all of the duties that came with the job came down to mental strength more than anything. The diet was a focal point for this. There was a strong balance, and portion control kept most knights from gorging themselves. Along with their daily training regimens knights had every tool they needed to be able to handle heavy weighted armor.

Are you thinking about emulating the diet of the knights of old? You can’t really go wrong doing so. You’ll get the balance and strength you need to really feel good about yourself. More information can be found online, so take a look while you’re surfing today.