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3 Tips To Quicken Floor Screed Drying Times

Under floor heating is secured in place with floor screed. The liquid needs to dry thoroughly before starting to install flooring, such as tile.

Many construction crews (not sure if Liquid Flow Screed specialist – London Floor Screeding Company is one of them) may not be fully aware of the floor screed drying times, which can set their job back by months. Instead, they need to learn ways to increase screed drying times.

Generally, screed dries at a snail’s pace of 1 mm of thickness per day. If the screed is 40 mm thick, then that slows even more to 0.5 mm per day.

How To Increase Screed Dry Time
For any project managers out there, if there is screed slated for construction, the process occurs in stages. The first stage is to allow the screed to dry on its own for seven days. Thereafter, the screed requires some help in the form of latiance layer removal, and the addition of dehumidifiers to remove any excess moisture from the air.

After approximately 7 days, the top layer will likely have dried. The issue is that the underlying screed is then robbed of the air it needs to dry. Remove this top-most latiance layer to improve drying times.

Then, employ dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air. That results in having dry air to dry the screed. The major forewarning in this is that the dehumidifier’s water collection must be enclosed as to not re-introduce moisture into the air in the process.

From there, use force drying by increasing system water temperature by 5ºC increments to 25ºC for 3 days. Increase temperature an additional 5ºC incrementally for 4 more days up to 55ºC on calcium sulphate. When it is complete, return temperatures to normal prior to finishing the floor

Those are just some of the tricks of the trade to make screed dry faster. In review: 1. Remove latiance, 2. Use a dehumidifier, and 3. Increase ambient temperature (and in case you need something fixed on your roof, you can check out roofing services in Purley).